Scalve Valley



The territory of the Val di Scalve

The term Scalve is attributed to a word with Celtic origins “Skald”, which referenced a deep or narrow crack in a rock. It could possibly be referring to gorges, slowly eroded by the Dezzo’s stream, or to the excavation of the mines, present in these localities since ancient times. Today the Val di Scalve is a welcoming tourism and ski resort, prepared to receive you with hospitality and warmth.


The jewel of the Orobie

Colere is placed in a unique position on the slopes of the north side of the Presolana and the Monte Ferrante. This characteristic renders the village a coveted destination for all the lovers of the sport and of nature. In the winter the Presolana’s massif guarantees temperatures and constant snow for the more demanding skiers. During the hottest months, instead, the alpine environment of Colere becomes a great gym, naturally shaded, for climbers and passionate trekkers.


Mala Route

The Via Mala was the ancient route that connected the Scalve Valley to Valcamonica, uniting the villages of Dezzo and Angolo Terme. It was created by literally making its way into the rocky walls excavated by the Dezzo stream.

It is now accessible on foot, from the parking lot
in the town of Casa Cantoniera, up to the panoramic point, which offers spectacular and fairytale views.



The trade of metals in Valle di Scalve has very old origins, the whole of the Valley was involved, but especially the habitat of Colere represented the centre for extraction of fluorite. It is a mineral that forms crystals in the forms of cubes and, if exposed to rays of ultraviolet, presents a fluorescence phenomenon that takes the name right from the mineral.

Visit the Zanalbert museum
It is a perfect example of industrial redevelopments of a building that arose in the beginning of the nineteenth century and intended for storage of fluorite extracted from the mines, at around two thousand meters above sea level.
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The Gleno Dam

Forty years before the best-known Vajont disaster, Val di Scalve had suffered a similar fate. The Gleno dam, 260 meters long and filled for the first time on October 22, 1923, gave way the following December 1, pouring 6 million cubic meters of water into the valley. More than 400 people lost their lives in the tragedy.

Today, following trails of different lengths and difficulties, it is possible to reach the part of retaining wall of the dam that still exists.


The Gaffione mine in Schilpario

In the complex known as the “Gaffione Mine”, guided adventures unfold with the aim of rediscovering and transmitting to future generations the rich history and the mining culture of the Scalve Valley.

Immerse yourself in the mining atmosphere by boarding a picturesque train, which will take you deep into the heart of the mountain. Then, continuing on foot, accompanied by expert guides, the secrets of Ben will be revealed to you 2000 years of mining history, illustrating the methods of extracting the mineral and the extreme conditions under which the miners operated.

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The Vo' waterfall

It is one of the main summer destinations in Val di Scalve, near Schilpario. In about half an hour you can reach a wonderful waterfall formed by the homonymous stream: a 25-meter jump immersed in the green of the woods.


The Lombardia Military Historical Museum

In a historic two-story building, you can immerse yourself in a unique journey into the past, exploring an extraordinary collection of authentic relics that tell the story of one of the most significant periods of the 20th century.

Original uniforms, perfectly restored military vehicles and air force aircraft, as well as historical documents, photographs and emotional testimonies of heroes and tragedies: the Museum is a place of reflection and learning, an educational experience for the whole family.

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Flavors and hospitality

All our Alps are rich with tradition, customs and traditions that date back to ancient times. The Val is Scalve is no less: from the Spalla to the Capù, from Fecc to Creste, the flavours are enhanced on our table accompanied by polenta, game, mushrooms and cheese. These last ones, especially, merit their own chapter.

The most renowned is the Formagella di Scalve, whose success is rewarded every day by the Latteria Sociale di Scalve by many passionate tasters, who come back or discover for the first time the unique taste of this.

The territory

The Val Di Scalve welcomes you with majesty and generosity of the Bergamese Orobie Alps, offering magnificent panoramas on the northern slopes of the Presolana and on the chain of the Adamello.

In the valley there are four villages, Azzone, Colere, Schilpario and Villminore. The access to the valley is guaranteed by more directions, rendering it a place easily reachable from Bergamo, Brescia and Milan.

The other municipalities of the Scalve Valley

The lifts are open:

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