Colere ski school



Ski schools. Suitable for any age.

The site of the schools is found at 1500 metres above sea level, upon arrival of the first cabin lift, in the evocatively dominated scenery of the Presolana, the Queen of the Orobie.


All the convenience of the facilities

Experience a day of pure relaxation with friends or family, climbing to the heights to admire the peaks of Presolana: a unique and unforgettable experience.


The ski schools

The ski schools organise skiing and snowboard courses for adults and children, free ride courses with specialised instructors and equipment rental. The staff includes skiing instructors, snowboard instructors and coaches for people with disabilities.


The cliffs

La Presolana is an impressive limestone block crossed by canals and surrounded by spires and towers. The main peaks form a mountain range whose north face majestically dominates the town of Colere.


The trails

Whether you want to take a quiet walk on easy trails or a more demanding excursion, in Colere you will find many destinations suitable for every type of physical preparation.

Here are some apps that can guide you in your choice, with differences in altitude and travel times.


Climbing gym

Don't miss an opportunity to learn a new sport, to train or to experience the fatigue and joy of being able to reach the top.
In Clusone you will find the gym for children and adults who want to learn the art of climbing with easy or more technical routes, suitable for every level of training.

For information:

+39 347 1733483


Kayak in the Dezzo stream

Immersed in the woods, upstream of the town of Dezzo, the stream has continuous steep and rapid slopes. Downstream, however, the stream slips into the spectacular scenery of the Gorges, with waterfalls flowing from the surrounding vertiginous walls.


Climbing the north face of Presolana

Come and walk the magnificent route on the severe north wall. In Val di Scalve you can find complex and demanding itineraries suitable for the most demanding athletes.

Climbing Guides
+39 0346 950006


The lifts are open:

Every Saturday and Sunday in June and July

Every day in August

The first two weekends of September

OPENING HOURS 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM / 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM